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The Reporter's Tape

"Listen, I'm gonna tell you a story. This is the most terrible damned thing that ever happened to me.

George and I went fishing. Weather report said it would be misty and overcast all day. But we drove out anyway with George's small boat. And you know what? It was the most beautiful and perfect day. Sunshine, a light breeze and calm sea. Didn't catch much, but enough for dinner. And George and I talked about old times, school, girls and so on, y'know, we had a great time all day out there on the water.

When we came back in the evening I brought the fishes up to Meg, George's wife. D'you see that little house up the road? Yes, the one with the white windows. So, I went up with the fishes and talked with Meg in the kitchen. George and I had pulled the boat into the shed and George wanted to fix some little problem we had with the motor. So, I was up in the kitchen with Meg and George down in the shed fixing the motor.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. I went outside but no one w'there. So I went down the road to the shed because George had installed this device, y'know, when he pressed a button in the shed the door bell in the house rang. You see, it's too far to shout and this way he can call. So, I thought he needed help with the motor.

Okay, I went down to the shed and went in. No George there. Looked around, hollered, went outside - you know, George is not the type that makes these kind of jokes - hiding like a child. Went in again. No George. Tried the motor and it was running fine.

George never turned up. Police gave up after a year. Later I married Meg. That's the story, what do you think of it?


Yes, we still live in that house. And the shed is still there.


No, the button in the shed to ring the door bell doesn't work anymore. Actually, I tried it the day after George disappeared and it didn't work. Never needed it anyway, so I didn't repair it. The button is still there, though ..."

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